This document was last updated on November 1 st , 2005.

  1. 'The site' as used hereby ( is the official web site of the artist Edwin Salomon.
  2. 'Customer' as used hereby refers to any surfer who has:
    1. a valid I.D., or a legally incorporated customer registered as such anywhere.
    2. a valid & unrestricted credit card belonging to one of the credit card companies.
    3. an E-mail address on the internet.
  3. ‘Artist' as used hereby refers to the artist - Edwin Salomon, who owns the whole rights for this web site & all it's gallery contents.
  4. This site can be used as an online shop to buy genuine signed & enumerated prints & original oil on paper.
  5. All the prints exhibited on this site are limited edition genuine prints of silkscreen and/or lithography are signed by the artist in pencil, and numbered accordingly out of the total limited edition.
  6. The purpose of these regulations is to settle the relationship between the customer and the artist regarding any issue related to using the site. Any activity carried out in the site must be in accordance with the conditions of this agreement, therefore the customer is kindly requested to read these regulations thoroughly before making a purchase in the site.
  7. Only customers as defined above are allowed to carry out any activity, including purchase of one or more items in the site as described below.
  8. The artist is entitled to present on the site his various artistic items, in variable quantities and of different types, in diverse manners, according to his own judgment and consideration.
  9. Payment for handling and shipment is finalized automatically per order, depending on shipment method & delivery location.
  10. Prices include VAT for orders from within Israel. Orders out of Israel will not be charged with VAT.
    The VAT will be automatically deducted per customer's shipment destination prior to the total price final calculation.
  11. Orders are shipped according to the customer's will & payment by registered mail or air express transportation.
  12. Confirmation of a deal by the credit card company through which the customer is paying for a purchase is an essential prerequisite before we can proceed with an order.
  13. When placing an order to purchase an art item, the customer must give his full name, address, e-mail address, address of recipient (including number of building, entrance, floor, apartment & zip code), phone and fax (if relevant) numbers, credit card number, I.D. number of credit card holder, credit card validity, in one of the manners detailed on the site.
  14. All information on site is secured by granted SSL technology.
    As an alternative, if the customer doesn't want to provide the credit card i.d. online, the order may be placed by leaving name, phone number & address for the good to be shipped to. Accordingly, the customers will contacted.
  15. The information will be saved by the artist in an encoded, safe-guarded info pool.
  16. The artist will use the information in order to fulfill the customer's order, and to inform any updates of any future exhibitions using the customer's e-mail.
  17. Subject to court order, the artist will do his best to save guard the information and not transfer it to a third party, besides his employees, the credit card company and other parties needed to carry out the customer's order, or those in charge of supervising the site, including those in charge of managing the artist's financial and legal matters.
  18. In case of errors found in the customer's given details, whether as a result of typing error or any other reason, the artist has the right to disqualify the order or to accept it after correction of error/s, according to his judgment.
  19. When all the details of a customer are received, the artist is entitled to accept or reject a customer's order to purchase an art item within 72 hours. Accordingly, a special notice will be sent by e-mail to the customer. From that time, no cancellation will be available except as mentioned in #30 & #31.
  20. When the artist receives a customer's order, the customer will be charged with the total sum as shown in his order. Payment is immediate.
  21. The artist reserves the right to withdraw and/or add an art item/or art items from/to the site and/or change the site and/or its contents and/or its prices and/or the conditions in it at any given time without previous notice.
  22. In case of a force major, the artist is unable to run the site and/or any activities in it properly, the artist has the right to cancel deals with all/or some customers. 'Force major' refers here to factors or events that are beyond the artist's control, which may prevent or delay carrying out activities in the site or supplying art items. These include, in addition to the above mentioned, computer faults, breakdown in telephone and/or communication systems, unpredictable security event or terrorist attack, unavailability of an art item for any reason.
  23. If tax rates applicable to art items and/or services offered in the site are changed, and if the changes become valid between the time of advertising the art item and the planned date for supplying it, the artist is entitled to cancel activities (all or some) carried out in the site.
  24. Only in the instances mentioned in # 25 and # 26, despite the conditions hereby, will the artist fully reimburse customers.
  25. Any dispute or disagreement between the parties regarding the site or the regulations will be submitted for arbitration to a sole arbiter appointed from the list of arbiters supplied by the Bureau of Attorneys at Holon, Israel.
  26. Only the Court of Law in Israel, Tel-Aviv will have the authority to pass judgment regarding any matter or dispute.
  27. The artist reserves the right to with hold any art item handed to it whose full value has not been paid and/or if the shipment fee has not been paid.
  28. The customer declares hereby that he has read these conditions for use and regulations and he is aware of them. The customer, or anyone representing him, will not have any claim or suit against the artist and/or his employees and/or the site operators and he will not hold them responsible for any damage that might be caused, directly or indirectly, to an art item, including its quality and delay in delivery.
  29. All rights are reserved to Edwin Salomon. No copying/or photocopying, nor making any commercial use are allowed without written permission from Edwin Salomon.
  30. Shipping is done by the appropriate requested & paid mail method as described in #11. When receiving the parcel, buyer must examine its content, and immediately inform the Postal authorities of any “unpredicted” damage. However, Edwin Salomon uses special technique to perform color structure splits that causes tears on the paper margins. Accordingly, an unpredicted damage, will be considered as only a serious abuse to the art piece. In such a case, the art item should be returned “as is” to the artist within 21days from the date of reception together with the original papers of the postal/delivery authority verifying the damage. The artist will accordingly, compensate the customer with the cost of the art item only (not including the H&S).
  31. Although the artist has invested much in this web site tools, and it's content, to get the best available reproductions, the artist is aware that colors of the original art item will differ slightly from the pictures as shown on the web. Accordingly, the artist will provide the customer the option of returning the art item “as is” within 14 days. The customer will be compensated for the cost of the art item itself (not including the H&S) with a reduction of $45 as the service fee. This compensation will be provided only if the art item will be returned unharmed (“as is”).
  32. Edwin Salomon reserves the right to change the terms from time to time.